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Eddy Delgado has been involved in construction since he was 15 years old. After working for several custom home builders and remodelers, in 2019 Eddy finally decided to start his own company. A company dedicated to working with clients that wanted the best and desired a builder with the vision and expertise to help them achieve their dreams.

Nothing is more fulfilling than

a vision brought to life

Why we are different

We take the time to understand our clients before we start the design and build process. We have years of experience and bring that to bear on each and every project. We know the local vendors and sub-contractors and can get you the best prices on materials. We source local wood whenever possible so your home contains a bit of the local environment, both inside and out. If this is your first home project, we can give you the benefit of our experience to allow you to make the right decisions. If you've built before, you'll know right away why we're the builder to choose. It's those personal touches that separate us from the big guys. Read the comments below from some of our clients to know why you should choose VIDABUILD.

Beautiful exteriors

The exterior of your home is how the world sees you and your vision. Let us help you make a statement to the world.

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Exclusive interiors

The interior of your home is your special place. It should be designed with your personality and your life choices in mind. You may be contemporary or eclectic, but we spend the time to understand who you are before we design your home. We want to make the interior the most comforatble environment for you.

Beautiful pools

Whether a simple pool for two, a spa, or a waterpark design for the family and kids, we can do it all. We specialize in making sure your pool fits your lifestyle and takes maximum advantage of the environment. We've built chlorine pools and saltwater pools and are familiar with the latest technology.

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It's the small things that separate us from the others

Faux painted steel beams to match the local hardwood, when we have to use steel for structural integrity.

Locally sourced hardwood instead of getting it shipped in from somewhere else.

Custom security doors and windows welded on-site for a perfect fit.


What some of our clients say about us

"We've built several homes over the years and worked with a number of contractors. Eddy worked with us to build an addition onto our home and add a complete outdoor living area with patios and a pool. We've never worked with a contractor that had the attention to detail which Eddy showed to our project. He came up with so many ideas that we hadn't even considered and which really made a difference. We'd recommend VIDABUILD to anyone looking for a contractor who cares about the client and treats every project as if it were his personal home."

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